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Multi-Species Flats Tourney

Posted on September 15 2012

Multi Species
Change it up!

Want to change things up a bit on your next trip to the flats?  Have yourself a multi-species tournament day!  It’s really fun…


On a recent trip to Andros South, we awoke to a really, really cloudy morning.  We had a pretty experienced group of anglers at the lodge and we knew we could all go out and eke out a few bonefish…but we decided to change it up.

There are a whole boatload of species of fish around South Andros Island – and we’re not just talking about the obvious bonefish/permit/barracuda/shark program.  What if we came up with a fun, borderline silly way to see a bunch of the island, try a bunch of new stuff and catch a bunch – really a bunch – of species?

The concept hit us like a ton of bricks.  It’s the Multi Species Tournament!


The winning boat is the boat that catches the most unique species of fish in a single day, using any technique involving a rod and a reel.  Add a buy in and a payout as you please.

That’s it!

Here’s an example, in case the simplicity isn’t obvious.

  • Boat 1 catches a horse eye jack, a grey snapper, a needlefish, 3 barracuda and 4 bonefish.  Boat 1’s score is 5 – 5 unique species.
  • Boat 2 catches 13 bonefish and a lemon shark.  Boat 2’s score is 2 – 2 unique species.
  • Boat 1 wins.


  • You try to catch as many different species as possible.
  • You bring along all kinds of crazy fishing gear.
  • Once you catch one species of fish, you stop trying to catch it again.
  • You think a lot about what part of the island you should go to when, and you think a lot less about where you’re likely to find a lot of any single species.


  • Some species that you think are really easy to catch aren’t so easy after all.  Know when to move on!
  • You can catch a whole ton of different critters trolling – in the right place at the right time.
  • Flies are more effective than bait in a surprising number of situations.
  • Don’t forget to leave some time to try and catch all the critters at the dock!

On your next trip to the flats, give the Multi Species Tourney a try.  Trust us, it’s a blast.  Have fun out there, and let us know how it goes!

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