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New $25 Second Bag Rule Frustrates Fly Fishers

Posted on May 07 2008

Heading off to your favorite Montana retreat or bonefishing destination this summer? Thanks to the major airlines joining the charge-for-everything club, be prepared to pay $25 for each extra baggage item you carry. That includes rods and the wet/dry bag you might carry for waders and boots. For fly fishers, one way around the extra charge is to stuff your four-piece rods into a single suitcase along with all your other essential gear. But an even better way is to ship your gear ahead of time. Not only are you more sure of having your gear when you arrive, but it will probably be in better shape. (Even international shipments are relatively cheap if you plan ahead.)
As Joshua Brockman reports on NPR, the new fees have luggage designers looking for innovative solutions. “Rolling duffels have a lot of capacity and are increasingly popular, says Stewart Sherman, the vice president for marketing at Travelpro. Eagle Creek has a rolling duffel with a separate piece that zips onto the front — transforming the one bag to two. And L.L. Bean has been redesigning its luggage line with lighter nylon fabrics.”
Another idea: Wade wet. Or rent your waders and boots from a local fly shop. By doing so, you won’t be toting wet gear back home, and you’ll be practicing good environmental stewardship because you won’t be providing a piggy-back service for invasive species.

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