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New Fly Lines from RIO

Posted on October 12 2010

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Avid Series

With the Avid series, RIO Products introduces five mid-priced fly lines with features previously found only in their premium lines. At the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Denver, Colorado, RIO’s Simon Gawesworth explained the idea behind their new Avid series fly lines as “answering the need for a more affordable fly line that features a super-slick coating and our AgentX technology.”

Though these fly lines are in the mid-range in terms of pricing (MSRP $54.95), each line is manufactured at RIO’s Idaho Falls facility and goes through the same rigorous quality control standards as RIO premium fly lines. All lines except the Intermediate line feature RIO’s high-floating AgentX Technology as well as a super slick coating that helps to keep the line clean and increases casting distance. The collection consists of the Trout WF, Trout DT, Intermediate, 24-foot Sinking Tip, and Saltwater.

RIO Products Avid Fly Lines

RIO's New Avid Weight-Forward Line for Trout

Trout WF and Trout DT


The Trout WF line is an all-purpose floating fly line available in WF3F through WF8F and is a pale yellow color. The Trout DT is available from DT3F to DT6F and also comes in a pale yellow color. These lines feature front-loading tapers for casting flies of all sizes. All the weight-forward and double-taper lines include RIO’s bullet-proof welded loop on the front end for fast leader attachment.


The Avid Intermediate is a slow-sinking, intermediate line, with a sink rate of approximately 1.5 to 2 inches per second. Its clear coating will not spook fish in the clearest of water. The taper has a slight increase in weight towards the front of the line, making it easy to load the rod. The line also features a neat welded loop on the front end for speedy rigging, and is available from WF4I to WF8I.

24-Foot Sinking Tip

The Avid Series also includes a 24-foot Sinking Tip line that is an all-purpose streamer line for trout and steelhead. The supple floating section makes it easy to mend the line and control the way the fly fishes. The tungsten impregnated sink tip gets a fly down fast, so your fly will spend more time in the strike zone. The grain weights for this line are: 150, 200, 250, and 300. This line comes in black and pale yellow.


The last line in this series, the Avid Saltwater line, is designed for all saltwater species. The front-loaded, short head is designed to cast big, heavy saltwater flies and help anglers cast into strong winds . The head is slightly heavier than AFTMA standards, ensuring faster rod loading while still generating the punch needed on the flats. The tropical, self-lubricating coating is enhanced with Rio’s AgentX Technology for their slickness and performance. This line is available from WF7F through WF10F and comes in a sandy blue color.

Steelhead Scandi Shooting Heads

RIO’s new shooting heads are designed with shorter overall lengths (between 31 ft and 34 ft) in order to accommodate the growing number of Spey casters using switch rods and shorter two-handers.

“For the ultimate in butter-smooth casting, tight loops and a head that loads quicker and deeper with modern steelhead rods, we created the Steelhead Scandi Shooting Head,” comments RIO’s Simon Gawesworth. “These floating heads are perfect for 11 to 13 foot rods and come in nine sizes to cover a large range of needs.”

Designed by guide John Hazel, the Steelhead Scandi Shooting Head is an ivory-colored floating head that comes in sizes from 310 grains through 550 grains and costs $49.95.

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