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New Video: Joan Wulff's Distance Casting Techniques

Posted on August 26 2008

What techniques contribute to better timing and higher line speed? As Joan Wulff shows us this week in “Distance Casting,” modifying shoulder and elbow position, shooting line on the backcast, and adding single hauls can easily help further your reach. At the end of the video she also demonstrates a handy trick for creating loops that will not tangle when shooting line while wading.
Excerpt: “There are two stances that will solve all of the problems you encounter between distance and accuracy. Accuracy is a little bit like throwing a dart. It doesn’t matter how you stand, but your shoulders are square to the target, the rod is vertical, and your hand comes in close to your face. As that line lengthens, drop back your right foot and shift your weight, and that makes your stroke a little bit longer. And as we get more line, it gets to be more like a baseball throw: we change our stance from square to the target to sideways to the target by rotating at the hips, opening the shoulders backward, and angling the rod off vertical to about 1:30.”

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