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New William Joseph Packs and Bags for 2011

Posted on March 16 2011

William Joseph has 19 new bags and packs for 2011, and have also redesigned three of their older models.

Exodus II


Exodus II

When William Joseph launched this pack a few years ago, consumers were impressed with its technical features and low weight. For 2011, William Joseph has made the vest portion more efficient at organizing your gear, and the rear portion cooler and lighter than its predecessor. This pack features William Joseph’s Zip No system, which utilizes rare earth magnets converted into rope like strands that are sewn into place. The result is a watertight seal which closes exactly and perfectly under any condition. It weighs 2.7-pounds, features 14 pockets, and has 1100-cubic inches of storage space. MSRP is $169.


Another redesigned pack for 2011, the Catalyst weighs 1.4-pounds, has five pockets, William Joseph’s No Zip system. and 1512-cubic inches of storage space. Available in blue or sage, the Catalyst features a molded foam work station, a tippet control system, and Airtrack suspension. MSRP $99.95.




The Confluence smoothly combines technology, comfort and performance. It features the William Joseph Airtrack Suspension, which will make you forget how much gear you stuff into it It also includes the William Joseph tippet dispenser and ten large pockets. It has 2000-cubic inches of storage space, and weighs 2.1-pounds. Available in sage or blue for a MSRP of $129.95.



Creel Satchel

The Creel Satchel is a new product from William Joseph for 2011. The satchel style pack offer anglers an easy way to access their gear when they need it, and to keep it out of the way when they don’t. Available in sage or blue, the creel features William Joseph’s Airtrack Suspension System, and is interchangeable between right and left-handed use. It has three pockets and 1100-cubic inches of storage space. It weighs 1-pound. MSRP $89.95.


Flux Fanny Pack

New for 2011, the Flux features high performance suspension, smart pocket placement, water bottle holders and Zip-No technology. One cool feature of this pack is that with a quick flip of the wrist, the Flux morphs into a stripping basket. Available in blue or sage, the Flux has eight pockets, 1100-cubic inches of storage space, and weighs 2.3-pounds. MSRP $119.95.

Atoll Fanny Pack

The Atoll is a large fanny pack with enough room for the largest of fly boxes. There is also space for two water bottles, lunch, and a few other items. Available in sage or blue, it is equipped with William Joseph’s Airtrack Suspension System, and a ultra suede shoulder strap. The Atoll has four pockets, 850-cubic inches of storage space, and weighs 1-pound. MSRP $59.95.

Mini Chest Pack

Mini Chest Pack

The Mini Chest Pack is ideal for those trips to a local spot where you know exactly what you’re going to need. A comfortable neck and torso strap keep this 1-pound, 420-cubic inch pack in place. It also features three pockets, a full work station, and William Joseph’s Tippet Control System. Available in blue or sage. MSRP $49.95.


The Stash is another option for the fly angler who likes to keep things simple. Weighing in at 8-ounces, the stash has 1100-cubic inches of storage space in a single No-Zip main pocket. Available in sage or blue. MSRP $39.95.

Typhoon (waterproof)

The Typhoon features waterproof, sonically welded construction, multiple carry handles, and a whopping 11191-cubic inches of storage space. It weighs 2-pounds 4-ounces and is available in stone ($89.95), or clay ($99.95).


Surf (waterproof)

The Surf is another new waterproof bag for 2011 that is designed to haul gear and keep it dry. It features a massive exterior pocket that is ideal for boxes, tools, or other small items. Additionally, it has a roll top design so you can roll it up in dry bag fashion. It has 4650-cubic inches of storage space, four total pockets, and weighs 1-pound 11-ounces. MSRP is $79.95 in stone, and $89.95 in clay.

Swell (waterproof)

The Swell is designed for the same purpose as the Surf, but bigger. With its large size in mind, William Joseph added additional reinforcement to the main carry handle. and added side handles as well. It has two pockets, 6500-cubic inches of storage space, and weighs 1-pound 10-ounces. Available in stone ($89.95), and clay ($99.95).

Tsunami (waterproof)

If you had to chose only one tackle bag for all your needs, this may not be it. However, if you need a bag with removable dividers which is suited well for a boat, this is one worth looking at. Like the other bags in William Joseph’s waterproof Hydro Series, the Tsunami features sonically welded construction. The fully padded bag has 1700-cubic inches of storage space, two pockets, and weighs 2-pounds 5-ounces. Available in stone ($89.95), and clay ($99.95).


Storm (waterproof)

You can stuff anything into this 2500-cubic inch universal dry bag.It features a window in the front so you can better find what you’re looking for, and weighs 8-ounces. Available in stone or clay for an MSRP of $29.95.


Cyclone (waterproof)

Just as the name implies, this bag was designed to handle bad weather and keep your valuables dry. Its multiple carrying and storage options make this a truly versatile bag on the water or around the office. It has a sotrage capacity of 830-cubic inches, and weighs 1-pound 4-ounces. Available in stone or clay. MSRP $79.95.

Riptide Fanny Pack (waterproof)

The Riptide is a versatile and comfortable fanny pack that allows you to carry almost anything you want in adverse weather conditions. It weighs 10-ounces, and has a storage capacity of 320-cubic inches. MSRP $49.95.

Eddy Dry Bag (waterproof)

Over the shoulder or around your neck, thisversatile bag will hold all of you electronics, a few fly boxes and whatever else you want to keep dry and close. It weighs 14-ounces and has a storage capacity of 360-cubic inches. MSRP $44.95.

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