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New Zealand…A Trout Anglers Shangri LaWe all know there is no...

Posted on February 23 2015

New Zealand…A Trout Anglers Shangri La

We all know there is no shortage of water on this planet.  Amongst ALL the water, we as fly anglers steer our vision in the direction of water playing home to fish we can hope to attract with a fly.  When it comes to trout, numerous places around the world immediately come to mind and rest atop most people’s bucket list…Montana, Patagonia region of South America and New Zealand. 

If one hasn’t been here before then it is easy to write off as too far and likely just as good as the other places and that might be slightly true.  However, when you add sight casting to massive trout, the subtropical rainforest in some locations of the two islands, spectacular mountain to water junctions and the countless waterfalls, New Zealand can quickly sprint ahead.  Don’t get the wrong impression though, this isn’t a numbers game location, this is team work fly angling, spotting fish and relishing a process that might bring a giant brown or rainbow to hand, maybe a couple.

Regardless of what your Utopia for fly fishing looks like, this place is spectacular in every sense.

photo Dave McCoy 

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