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Non-Slip Mono Loop

Posted on April 19 2009

Learn this knot if you don’t know it already.

The Non-Slip Mono Loop is one of the most versatile knots we know.  We use it all over the world when we’re looking for a strong loop knot.  After many days of use on the water, and some semi-scientific testing like guide knot tying contests, we’re convinced that the Non-Slip Mono Loop, tied properly, is the strongest, most consistent loop knot around.

Here are just a few situations in which we use this knot.

  • Attaching wet flies to leaders when swinging for kings and steelhead
  • Attaching bonefish flies to leaders
  • Attaching sculpin patterns to leaders when fishing for trout
  • Really, attaching any wet fly to a leader, as long as it’s not a tube fly or a bead
  • Creating strong loop knots in the butt section of a leader for a loop to loop connection
  • Creating loops in both ends of monofilament running line

For knot tying instructions, click here.  Getting the wraps to cinch properly may take a couple of rounds of pulling on the tag end and sliding the loops down the line towards the knot.  It can be a  little finicky to tighten at first, but it’s well worth it to get good at this one!

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