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NORTH 40 OUTFITTERS - #AskNorth40 - Fiberglass Fly Rods

Posted on June 10 2016

The other day an email from Jake at North 40 Outfitters arrived in my inbox and asked if I would help with an upcoming episode of #AskNorth40 with some questions on fiberglass fly rods.  I was happy to play along and a few more emails, a Skype conversation, and some video work from the fellows at North 40 Outfitters, and Episode 23 is all about glass, both old school and new school. 

Click PLAY and enjoy.

Along with the video, there is also a podcast on SoundCloud of our entire conversation.  I kind of thought there might be some editing but instead you get a bit of B-roll like chicken talk (Hadley raising egg laying chickens) in the show as well.  I have a face for radio and sound better on the podcast than I look on the video.  Maybe I need some better Skype lighting for video.  HA...

I am constantly impressed by how the internet is changing how businesses can brainstorm and figure out new ways to speak with their customers and as an example, #AskNorth40 is one of those cool things.  Solid content, high quality filming, and great stories centered around customer questions.

Follow the YouTube channel for a couple dozen other episodes which cover a ton of other content outside of fly fishing.

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