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Northwest Trees

Posted on September 28 2009

Photo: Greg Thomas

Warning: this post is about another post about a book about trees.

Here’s why we think you might care about a book about Northwest Trees, which you’ll be surprised to learn is a book about trees in the northwest.

  • Lots of people who like to fly fish find themselves in the Northwest at times, whether they’re chasing Deschutes redsides or Kanektok silvers or Kispiox steelhead.
  • Said people who like to fly fish often tend to pay attention to what they see when they’re outside.
  • There are lots of trees in the northwest.
  • So yeah, a book about trees in the Northwest might be interesting to people who like fly fishing.

Our friend Greg Thomas writes Angler’s Tonic, the cool new fly fishing blog that you should read. Greg recently read and reviewed Northwest Trees, a book published by The Mountaineers, which is a really handy reference about trees in the Northwest, and he liked it. On his recommendation we bought it and liked it too.

Here’s Greg’s writeup and here’s where you can grab yourself a copy.

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