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Not to be the one to throw a wet blanket but - - -

Posted on May 15 2017

From the 5th to the 11th of this month whenever I was able to get into the water on the WB and the UEB I found myself in the midst of epic hatches of paraleps and Hendricksons.  Wading was limited but the fishing was very good.  Last Thursday and Friday there was a marked decline in the hatches. (The fishing was better as you had a better chance of getting a rising fish to look at your fly.)

I don't usually fish on the weekends but reports from Troutfitter regulars indicated a further decline in the Hendrickson hatch.

 Came down today and spent the afternoon driving along both streams. Sat by the WB above the gamelands at 2:45 and never saw a bug or a rise.  The wind was blowing downstream about 20mph and it was not hard to get back in the car and head for the more sheltered UEB. The water was up a bit from last Friday but fishable.  Studied several pools that were somewhat protected and saw a few hendricksons.  Never saw a fish rise.

The boats with anglers were either throwing streamers or anchored "waiting for it to happen".  Maybe if the wind quit they got some spinner fishing but I doubt it.

Checked out two pools on the BK and one on the big east.  Saw a handful of march browns but nary a rise.

If you're coming down bring your rusty spinners, it's supposed to be warm and there are sure to be some good spinner falls.  During the afternoon you can look for risers eating paraleps, hendricksons and caddis or you can throw a march brown around on the BK or big east.

BTW - Last Friday there were a combined total of 18 cars parked at Long Flat and power line pools.  Today there were a total of two.  Just say'n.

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