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Note to Valentine's Shoppers: Buy Tiffany's

Posted on February 13 2008

The prospect of a giant mining company going in and ruining the ecosystem of a vast track of Alaska wilderness has some major jewelry companies, including the upscale Tiffany’s, saying they will boycott any gold extracted from the area. “On Tuesday, two days before Valentine’s Day, five major jewelers, including Tiffany & Co., announced they are against using ‘dirty gold’ from Pebble, a large and controversial copper and gold prospect in Southwest Alaska, because of possible risks to the region’s salmon fisheries.” In case your Valentine’s Day shopping list, like ours, is still missing a couple of check marks, the other companies joining the boycott are Ben Bridge, Helzberg Diamonds, Fortunoff, Leber Jewelers and Robb Blake. Elizabeth Bluemink in the Achorage Daily News.

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