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Ode to Mr. Chum

Posted on August 10 2011

Ode to Chum Salmon
He's very cool in his own way. Photo: Tom Larimer

Tom Larimer hosted one of our spey instruction weeks at Alaska West this summer, and on his way home he wrote up a couple of guest posts for us.  Today’s is all about the awesome chum salmon.

Thanks Tom!

Ode to the Chum Salmon

While Mr. King, Mr. Rainbow and Mr. Silver are the reasons why many anglers make the journey to Alaska West every year, they often over-look the majestic Mr. Chum.  “Chumley” has gotten a bad rap for years – nicknamed the “dog salmon” because his meat is supposedly only fit for canines to eat.

Plus, Mr. Chum likes to ravage our king flies, especially in the soft water into which our flies inevitably swing. It’s sad that we’ve gotten to the point as anglers where we turn our noses up to one of the hardest fighting game fish on the planet.

Mr. Chum deserves more!  Next time you’re headed north to AK West, pack a 7 weight switch rod rigged with an Airflo Skagit Switch. When you get tired of fighting huge king salmon, bust out your small gun and tie on a pink fly. Let it rip through the soft water and hold on! Big strong fish and small rods equate to one thing – laughing like a kid.

Isn’t that why we all started fishing in the first place?

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