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Omnispool Switchbox Review

Posted on January 12 2015

Omnispool Switchbox
‘Line Management Made Simple’ is right.  Photos: Kyle Shea.

We’re not shy about it, we’re gear-heads. We love playing with the latest fly fishing gear and writing reviews on the stuff we really like. With that said, do we really NEED every rod, reel, gadget, or gizmo out there? Probably not.. We just like it!

Regardless, every once in a while we come across a unique product that makes our lives a whole lot easier (or least more fun). We recently got our hands on such a product, it’s called the Omnispool Switchbox, and we think its a game changer. It’s bound to make your life easier too, and here’s why.

Omnispool Switchbox

The Switchbox is a line management system designed to organize, store, manage, and even clean your fly line lines while not on your reel. It’s by far the best system we’ve come across for dealing with errant fly lines, and we’re pretty excited about it.

We say it all the time, but whether fishing fresh or saltwater, warm or cold water, heavy or unweighted flies, short or long casting distances, so on and so forth, the right fly line makes a difference. But without a great way to organize lines we find most anglers don’t change fly lines when the situation demands it. Furthermore, at nearly 100 bucks of hard earned for a premium fly line, taking care of lines is important, but this can be tedious without a good system..

The Switchbox from Omnispool solves all these issues and then some. Here’s how.

When Switching Lines

Extra fly spools are expensive, and switching fly lines back onto the original plastic spools can be messy and time consuming. However, the Switchbox makes switching fly lines quick and easy, virtually anywhere. Simply thread fly line into the cleverly placed hole in the arbor and crank the handle.

Omnispool Switchbox
Quick and easy..

When Going Solo

No more having your buddy hold your spool for you while you wind on a new fly line. The Switchbox’s top cover can be removed and secured to act as a base or to allow the spool to held by your feet as you reel a new fly line onto your reel.

Omnispool Switchbox
No help needed..

When Storing Lines

Most of us store fly lines on the original plastic spool they came with. However, without meticulous care, this can leave  lines a twisted mess. Some line spooling devices work well at removing lines from the reel quickly, but leave lines coiled, only to become tangled when they’re called upon. Storing fly lines on the switchbox leaves them ready to go in a moments notice. Arbor spacers are also available to allow lines to be stored in wide loops (which we strongly suggest for storing over the long term).

Omnispool Switchbox
Locked and loaded..

When Cleaning Lines

Cleaning a fly line is a must to prolong the life and performance of a line. The attachable line care box makes cleaning and dressing fly lines easier than ever! Simply attach the line care box to the switch box, apply line dressing, feed in line, and clean while winding on to your reel.

Omnispool Switchbox
Squeaky clean..

When Traveling With Lines

If you’re like us and travel with a bunch of different fly lines, you know that free line spools bouncing around your luggage can be a pain, not to mention its a great way to forget a line. All switchboxes are designed to interlock with each other, making organization a breeze. They even come in green and blue, which we like to organize by freshwater and saltwater lines, respectively.

Omnospool Switchbox
Nice and organized..

Still Not Convinced?

It’s tough to convey in prose how simple it is to use the Switchbox system. So, we’ve included a demo video from Omnispool below.

The Details

One thing we really like about the Switchbox system is that all pieces are available separately. Therefore, you never have to buy more than you need. However, starter kits including all the pieces necessary are available at fly shops in the know.

Current retail prices for each item are as follows. Switchbox ($12.95), Line Care Box ($8.95), Crank Handle ($4.95), and Arbor Spacers ($4.95 per pair). For more information and demonstrations, check out Omnispool’s website, here.

Here’s our product review policy and FTC disclosure.

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