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On Being Useful

Posted on March 23 2020

The other day, Ben Folds posted an update on his Facebook page about where he was at, what he was doing, how coronavirus had changed his plans and he ended his note with...

"I'm going to make stuff because that’s how I’m useful."

Those words have stayed with me through the weekend.  We're a week into the unknown with coronavirus and what seemingly started out as an inconvenience with "social distancing" for some and a full on quarantine for others, is undoubtedly having an effect on many. We likely haven't seen the worst of it yet.

I just backspaced on an entire paragraph away of what more or less put into words the various fears racing through my mind at 3:00 a.m. when I can't sleep since this post is really about me saying this...

"I'm going to keep writing stuff because that's how I'm useful."

And "stuff" is probably a good way to describe what's written here.  I've never said any of it's all that good but The Fiberglass Manifesto has been my little piece of the internet for over twelve years now.  What started as a way for me to talk about my affection for glass rods and the various small shop builders, blank makers and fly rod companies offering fiberglass rods has in some 4,700 posts later been a way to cover a very wide spectrum of topics on anything and everything that I think is cool within the fly fishing and beyond.  That's not stopping anytime soon.

So, while I still can, I'm doubling down on the positives, I've upped the number of posts that are published each morning and working to be a diversion from an unpredictable next few weeks or what's seeming more likely, months.  I'm not the only one and I'm using my social media pages, especially Facebook and Instagram Stories, to share the many other good things that I come across there.

Like I mentioned the other day, we'll get through this and we're all in it together.

Stay well.  Take care of yourself, your family and use this time wisely.  And, don't forget to check in on your friends.  Last night I sent a few dozen text messages beginning at letter "A" and working through letter "E" in my iPhone contacts list.  I'll send a few more dozen later today. 

P.S.  NPR's Tiny Desk is a deep musical rabbit hole to dive into.  It might be just what you need today.

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