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"One Hook, No Barb, No Bait"

Posted on April 12 2008

On New West, Bill Schneider asks a reasonable question: Why aren’t there more fly-fishing-only sections on U.S. rivers? “Is it so much to ask that a small percentage–let’s say about 2 percent–of these steelhead rivers be set aside for fly-fishing-only? If an equal amount of stream (or more) must be set aside for non-fly fishing, I’m sure flycasters wouldn’t object.” Well, the answer can probably be found in the failure of state governments to distinguish between resource management imperatives and “social” management issues, where those who feel their right to fish any old way they choose usually scream the loudest. A perfect recent example is the Wisconsin DNR bowing to public pressure against regulations on the Prairie River. (Thanks to reader John Koch for the Prairie River link.)

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