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OPEN FLY - Flood Tide Sixer

Posted on May 02 2018

Spring means that flood tides will again push redfish into the grass in the Lowcountry and my buddies in Charleston are circling dates on their calendars now through fall of when they hope to be on the water.  This is when it is especially advantageous to have friends with skiffs...

I asked Chris Rourk of the Open Fly if he'd mind putting together a six pack of favorite flood tide patterns that he ties to share with the T.F.M. masses.  You need these patterns in your redfish in the grass fly box right now.  

BLACK PURPLE CRAB - "This is my favorite crab pattern for tailers, especially in dark murky water situations when they’re having trouble finding the fly.  I use 3/16 dumbell eyes, EP body, marabou and hackle feathers tail, and a #40 mason weed guard." 

BROWN TAN CRAB"This is a good crab pattern in cleaner water and more of a lighter natural pattern.  This pattern is good year round.   Tied with 3/16 dumbell eyes, EP body, marabou and hackle feather tail and #40 mason weed guard."

BLACK PURPLE GURGLER - "This is my favorite gurgler pattern to throw year around in the grass. Obviously it can’t be thrown in thick grass but great for short grass or when fish is cruising.  Tied with pseudo tail and tarantula body."

OLIVE DARK BROWN CRAB - "I tend to favor this pattern in the fall and it works in clean water to medium dark colored waters.   Tied with 3/16 dumbell eyes, EP body, marabou and hackle feather tail with a #40 mason weed guard."

OLIVE TAN SHRIMP - "A favorite "shrimpy" pattern to throw in grass as it imitates the grass shrimp. Orange eyes and legs help it standout and give it that little extra goodness.  Craft fur tail, tarantula body, #40 mason weed guard and 3/16 dumbell eyes."

TAN SHRIMP GURLGER - "This is my second favorite gurgler pattern as it mimics a shrimp almost perfect in the grass.  Good year round and tied with craft fur tail and tarantula body."

Chris is low drag and keeps the Open Fly on Instagram only.  Follow him there and DM to get your order in if your fly box is lacking the goods.

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