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ORVIS - "20 Days In September" Contest

Posted on September 04 2016

We are entering into what I consider to be my favorite month or two of fly fishing, September into October.  "Septober" if you will.  A lot starts going on all at once around here.  The flows in the trout streams cool down in the mountains, redfish are still tailing on the flood tides in the Lowcounty, and after months of 90 to 100 degree days, it's suddenly bearable to be out on the family pond again.  My birthday (Ol' 42...) and the anniversary of T.F.M. (8 years old.  Can you believe it?) are both in September as well, but that likely means more to me (and my mom) than it might you.

To kick off the new month, Orvis is giving everyone a push to get on the water with their second annual "20 Days In September" contest.  It's pretty easy to play along (besides scoring the open ended hall pass) with some great prizes in the mix.

From the Orvis Fly Fishing News website...

Here’s how it works:
1. Make an honest attempt to get on the water 20 times during September. Of course, these don’t have to be full or even half days of angling. Steal time when you can: before work, lunchtime, after work, or . . .(cough) during work. On weekends when your schedule is full, get in a few casts around soccer or football games. Just 10 casts are enough to count on any given day.
2. Take pictures of your fish, the water, your fellow anglers, the flies you’re using, or anything else.
3. Post your photos to the Orvis Facebook page with the hashtags #orvisflyfishing and #20sepdays.
At the end of the month, we’ll go through all the photos posted as part of the project and pick 10 finalists. Then we’ll let you vote for the winners! (You can see last year’s finalists here.)

Good luck and let's see how many days on your calendar get filled up this month.

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