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Orvis Revamps Rod Repair Process

Posted on June 13 2018

Rod repairs are no fun for anyone. But the process can be made easier with modern technology, and Orvis has just introduced a new rod repair procedure that makes it seamless and quick for customers to return their rods for repair and track their progress. The process starts with rod registration. If a customer registers an Orvis rod when it was purchased, when they need a repair they simply sign into their account and all Orvis rods they have purchased will appear. It’s then a simple matter of picking which rod needs repair and following a simple online form. The entire process takes less than two minutes, including paying the $60 handling fee, and a shipping label is automatically printed if desired. The online repair center also includes detailed instructions for packaging a rod for shipping and then it is a simple matter of dropping the rod off at a Fed-X shipping center or bringing the rod to a local Orvis company-owned store.

An order confirmation is then e-mailed to the customer, with a repair number that allows them to track the progress of their rod. Of course, customers can always call the Orvis technical line to talk to one of their experts about the repair, but only if they desire. The online process is quick and seamless and the repair is immediately entered into Orvis’ system. One of the most exciting aspects of this new system is that, for the new Helios 3 rods, a customer can order a new section without the need to return the entire rod. The consistency of these blanks and a new ferrule design means that a new section can be sent to a customer with complete confidence that it will fit perfectly (If the butt section is damaged, though, that piece must be returned). Rod repair does take up to six weeks, depending on the availability of repair parts. But this new system will greatly decrease the time and effort a customer requires to begin the process.

Editor’s Note: The largest rod companies are the largest rod companies. The next largest rod companies aren’t the one-size-smaller rod companies… they’re the repair shops of the largest rod companies.

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