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Our Guides Love Fishing Too!

Posted on April 06 2012

Guides Love to Fish
Even fired up about small fish!

Ever spent the day on the water with somebody who didn’t love fishing as much as you do?  Yeah, not so much fun.

At Andros South our guides grew up on the water, and they love it out there!  Even after many years and countless (really really countless) numbers of fish, their enthusiasm still comes through.

See that smile up there on the left?  That’s the smile of a guy (Charlie Sweeting is his name) who’s having real, actual honest-to-goodness fun!  Tom Larimer in the right is having fun too, but what do you expect?  He’s from Oregon.

During a day on the water with you, our guides will never just start fishing.  They’ll never ask you if they can fish, either.  But if you’re wading late in the week with a bunch of fish under your belt and you offer “Hey Torrie, wanna grab a rod?” – they’ll take you up on it every time, and you’ll all have a blast in the process.

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