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Pieroway Renegade Rods – From the Designer

Posted on November 05 2016

Jerry French's Renegade Series Spey and Switch Rods.
Jerry French, problem solver. Photo: Greg Houska.

If you’ve ever swung flies for anadramous fish, odds are you might recognize the name, Jerry French. If not, you probably should. Jerry’s innovative nature has lent itself to much of the way many of us chase fish today. From modern steelhead and salmon fly design to the origins of skagit style spey casting, Jerry’s creations have been a result of one thing, and one thing only, to solve problems witnessed over countless days on thewater.. That’s true innovation in our book. He’s also an alumnus of Alaska West, which needless to say, we’re pretty darn proud of.

Jerry recently released his latest project, his Renegade series of single and double handed rods from Pieroway. We asked him to give us a write up on the theory behind the design of the Renegade rods, he obliged, and today we share that write up with you.

Take it away Jerry!

The Design

The reason I designed the Renegade rods was to address some obvious reoccurring problems. Guiding throughout Washington and Alaska has afforded me the opportunity to guide a huge variety of clients with skill levels covering a wide variety of fishing techniques and situations.

After many years of observation and experimentation, I realized that the advantages of shorter rods and line systems are far more reaching than I would ever had expected. Across the board, rods under 12 feet were far more versatile fishing and casting tools for the beginner to the advanced angler alike. However, the greatest advantage I found was the massively reduced learning curve. Due to a much easier overall working system length, everything is easier, more predictable, and more efficient, thus resulting in a noticeable decrease in caster fatigue, both mentally and physically. The overall length and weight of the rod, reel, and line systems obviously had a huge effects on the anglers stamina and ability to be a consistent situational caster allowing them to fish effectively over any amount of time.

The second most important observation was that the action of most popular fly rods available today, including both single and double handed rods, have become increasingly faster over the years.. Almost to the effect that anything not labeled as ‘fast action’ is believed not to perform or help one cast better. This is not the case at all!

There are a few rods out there with what I like to call, ‘love.’ Its this ‘love’ that provides instant feedback from the rod to the caster throughout the entire cast. This caster feedback is the result of a progressive medium-fast action that allows the angler too feel the rod working without having to overload the rod with grains to make it cast.  In short, the faster the rod, the more gains required, and thus the harder the angler must work to load, cast, and fish the rod.

A medium-fast, progressive action piece of equipment with an optimized casting package will help the angler load and cast the rod consistently, constantly improving the anglers casting mechanics and fishing  performance, with an obviously shorter learning curve for all skill levels.

I designed the Renegade series to solve these apparent fishing and casting problems. Furthermore, I wanted to design a series of rods to maximize angling performance across the board, in rod length to weight ratios perfect for their indtended purpose. Manufactured precisely to my specifications, from handle lengths and diameter, to guide size and spacing on every rod, with a buttery, medium-fast, progressive action that will load easy, yet recovers quickly.

The Rods

The Renegade single hand rod series are available in an 8′ 6″ 3 weight, a 9′ 4 weight, and a 9′ 6″ 5 weight, and are the perfect length for their intended purpose. The buttery action will single hand Skagit cast a compact head system equally as well with your favorite single hand lines for streamers to dry flies while also improving casting accuracy and allowing for a more delicate presentation. The action also improves fish fighting and landing ratios, not to mention protecting that ultra-light tippet material.

The Renegade two handed rod series are available in a 10′ 6″ 6 weight, an 11′ 7 weight, 11′ 6″ 8 weight, and a 12′ 9 weight, and are designed with the same powerful yet buttery action at the most efficient lengths for their intended purpose.

These rod’s are a joy to cast and fish for days on end. With an ultra efficient action and design, the Renegade series of two handed rod’s are a much needed loveable, dynamic connection in a world of minimal to zero stretch casting systems.

Finally, I am personally committed to providing the best possible service to help you understand which Renegade rods would be the best fit for you and how to set them up perfectly for your own intended purpose. For more information, ask your local shop, or check out my website for what I consider to be the best gear available today and the information to make it work best for you.

Feel the love, feel the difference in performance. Pieroway Renegade series.

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