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Posted on January 23 2012

Plano 3600 Box
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There are some really cool purpose-built fly boxes out there.  Threader boxes, streamer boxes, tube fly boxes, slit foam, solid foam, no foam…you name it, there’s a fly box for it.  We totally get specialization – just ask your editor’s wife about the ‘selection’ of fly rods in the basement.

That being said, we spend time on the water with a lot of folks who fish an awful lot, and the ‘fly’ boxes that we see in use the most are made by Plano.

Plano 3600

The model 3600 that you see in the picture above is a particularly popular choice.  It’s big but not huge and is customize-able with its movable dividers.  A couple of them fit great in a medium or large boat bag.  They’re durable and light and you can see through them so you know what’s inside.

Picking one up on Amazon will set you back $4.97.  That’s right – 3 cents less than 5 dollars.

Fly Mothership

You’re not going to put these babies in your pocket or in a hip pack.  They’re typically used as a ‘mothership’ – the home base for a wide selection of flies.  When you’re starting your day fishing, you can grab a handful of flies and stick them in a smaller box (or a ziplock).  After your fishing day or maybe your fishing trip, the remaining flies get put back in the big box.  Over time this keeps things much more organized than in your typical “5 or 10 medium sized boxes all crammed with flies that may or may not be a good combination” scenario.

If you’re still trying to come up with a New Year’s Resolution, how about “I’ll keep my flies much more organized this year?”  For once we’re recommending the least expensive option – why not pick up a couple and give it a try?

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