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Present the Fly on Your Backcast

Posted on December 19 2010

Bruce lets one rip, backwards.
Bruce lets one rip, backwards.

Bruce Chard is back in video form today, with another bonefishing tip for your pleasure.

This might be the one skill that separates the ‘pretty new at it’ from the ‘really good’ on the flats – presenting the fly on your backcast.

Here are a couple of the highlights from Bruce’s video.

  • Presenting on the backcast is one of the most important casts in flats fishing.
  • It allows much more flexibility in which direction you can cast, without having to reposition the boat.
  • It prevents you from having to cast across your body into the wind.

NOTE: If you’re viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here to learn about presenting your backcast on YouTube.

Bruce teaches bonefishing schools at Andros South every winter.  Why not join him and learn some more?

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