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Presenting to Bonefish – Simplified

Posted on November 11 2015

Casting to Bonefish
Tory knows.. Photo: Hollis Bennett.

A lot has been written on where to land your fly when fishing for bonefish. While a whole bunch of factors can come into play when making the best presentation, things can happen fast on the flats, and the ability to make a quick decision is often the key to success.

Therefore, when making your shot we think its best to simplify things by breaking down your target into only two types – moving fish, and feeding fish.

Andros South guide, Tory Bevans, says it best: “If they’re moving, lead them. If they’re feeding, feed them.”

In other words, if casting to a bonefish that is moving along at a decent pace, it’s best to cast far enough ahead for the fish to intercept your fly. However, if the fish is actively feeding (i.e. tailing, tipping, or slowly creeping around the flats looking for food), then it is best to land your fly close to the fish.

Simplifying your decision making will help get your fly in front of the fish as quickly as possible, hopefully resulting in more fish to hand.

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