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Preserving the Golden DoradoDorado (Salminus brasiliensis) is an...

Posted on April 19 2015

Preserving the Golden Dorado

Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) is an iconic and charismatic fish species in neotropical rivers of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and northern Argentina. Both sport and commercial fishers value Dorado for their sustenance, vigor, beauty, and challenge. ­­Dorado provides economic support for communities in northern Argentina and throughout South America. Currently the species is facing severe pressure and declining populations due to overharvest harvest, habitat degradation, and poorly understood ecology, including movement patterns.

Little is known about Dorado movements and response to disturbance (Agostinho et al. 2008, Hahn et al 2011). The Salta region of Argentina is limited in management resources and faces high social and economic stakes under poor management of this species. A well-managed Dorado fishery could potentially provide long-term income to the region. We will investigate the impacts of catch-and-release (C&R) by measuring blood physiology and post-release activity patterns. This work will add to the development of best practices for the C&R of Dorado, plus provide insights into their movement ecology.

Our objective is to assess the impacts of recreational fishing, local stakeholder practices, and habitat conditions on Dorado. Catch-and-release impacts (fight time, air exposure, angling method) will be assessed for correlation with physiological biomarkers (blood lactate, blood glucose, blood pH). Additionally, after tagging fish with radio tags and subsequent mobile tracking, we will quantify immediate post-release behavior along with longer-term habitat selection, movement patterns, and home ranges. Data obtained from this study will be used to develop proactive conservation and management strategies for Dorado populations in the region. In addition the project will build capacity in the region for local guide and stakeholder involvement in continuing research.

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