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Pursuing Salmon…What Does it Mean?We all have different...

Posted on September 16 2013

Pursuing Salmon…What Does it Mean?

We all have different interpretations of what fly fishing is to us. The subjectivity of all the nuances involved can, or should be able to, shape you in one way or another, and each is unique. It is never the same twice, that is why we love it. Here is short excerpt from a close friend and guide in Washington and his slant on what it means:

“Chasing salmon in the waters of Puget Sound with a fly rod is a pursuit that takes you through a multitude of conditions. It can mean walking away from or back to your car in the darkness of an early morning or late evening. It can mean tolerating the cold rain or warm sun of a Pacific Northwest September – that shoulder season where summer has started retreating but fall hasn’t fully arrived. It can mean an endless amount of long casts from thigh-deep water, scanning the water for signs of life, waiting for that sudden surge on the other end of your line.”

Read the rest of Pursuing Salmon.

original content and photograph by Alex Collier

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