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Posted on February 22 2008

What do pythons have to do with fly fishing? Not much, unless you consider the research that shows how rising temperatures are likely to increase the range for Burmese pythons. While we are not as worried about pythons slithering from Florida to California as the San Francisco Chronicle‘s staff writer is, we do worry that the climate change shown in the charts means bad news for brook trout and other cold-water-dependent fish.
We also, worry, frankly, about a U.S. government survey that includes measurement of African lion populations in its estimates of whether or not a python will eventually eat someone’s Fido in a San Francisco suburb. “The natural enemies of the python are lions, tigers and other large cats. There are few free-roaming African lions and tigers between Florida and San Francisco, the geological survey said. And the absence of alligators outside Florida can only help the snakes on their journey west, although it’s a complicated relationship – while pythons eat alligators, alligators also eat pythons.”
The one thing thing the Geological Survey didn’t take into account: the voracious Chupacabra population in Texas.

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