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Q&A with Fly Fishing Photog Brett SengIt is a rough job no...

Posted on May 02 2014

Q&A with Fly Fishing Photog Brett Seng

It is a rough job no matter how you spin it. Going to horribly desirable locations, spending time with renowned anglers, capturing memorable images of large fish and, probably worst of all, being your own boss regarding these aforementioned particulars. Someone has to do it and Brett Seng is the one to talk with if you want to know how to send yourself down this lowly road. Brett was also a main character in Waypoints. Here is an excerpt from an interview he had with Lisa Schweitzer:

Lisa:  What is your favorite place that you have traveled to so far?

Brett:  Favorites places….New Zealand takes the gold in my eyes. Montana will always be my resting place. In all the travels to far away trout fisheries, ironically, have made me more and more grateful for the fishery I have right out the back door. Montana is world-class, and I can say that because I’ve seen the majority from comparison.  

Read the rest of the interview at Lisa’s blog:

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