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Rainbow Trout Flies – 5 Favorites for Alaska

Posted on July 18 2011

Trout Stripe by Louis Cahill Photography
Stripe detection tools. Photo: Louis Cahill

As we mentioned on Friday, it’s trout time at Alaska West.  Late July trout fishing rocks!

If you’re headed to Alaska West to chase our legendary leopard rainbows, here are 5 flies that we think you should bring along.  Idylwilde makes some pretty awesome trout flies – these are all available from your local Idylwilde dealer.

  1. Hickman’s Mr. Hankey.  If you’ve read our blog much, you know that Jeff Hickman has guided at Alaska West for years.  He’s a really innovative tier and developed this pattern based on his experiences on the Kanektok and Arolik Rivers.  Hit the link for some more background and design info.  Mousing is fun.
  2. Hickman’s Egg Stealing Super Sculpin.  Sculpins produce all season long.  This is a big fly for big fish.
  3. Silvey’s Tandem Tube – Black Egg Sucker.  Black leeches work anywhere trout swim.  The tandem tube has super movement in the water.
  4. Hickman’s Bite Sized Flesh.  Yep, three Hickman flies in this list!  We like the Bite Sized Flesh because you can fish it in all types of water – skinny, deep, side channels, main river, spawning beds and more.
  5. Fox’s Sleech – Fresh Flesh. On the other hand, this thing is massive!  If you’re fishing the lower Kanektok in pursuit of the big boys, you’re going to want to drag a big flesh fly around snags and dropoffs.

You should bring some beads along too, but including beads in a list of favorite flies just didn’t feel right…

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