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Rainbows in the bright sun?

Posted on October 18 2016

With the temp around 80 I was in no hurry to go looking for pseudos. They like it cold!  Forty five with a cold rain and they float down the river by the thousands.  Today - none.  It really didn't matter as the Beaverkill fish were up top even in the bright sun.  What were they eating?  I haven't a clue.  Stared at the water from two feet away and saw two ants in a five minute period when the fish in front of me were rising at least a hundred times.

At the end of the day my fly patch had an olive, a caddis, an iso, an ant and a spinner.  If you are on the Beaverkill and make good presentations with those flies you should catch fish.

Continued my assault on the  Beaverkill fishing five different pools.  Four of them had big rainbows (the browns have other things on their mind right now)  on top sipping with regularity. Those I caught were fat.  Looked in their mouths for a clue - nothing.

If you want to throw a streamer and watch fish swirl behind it in muddy water go to the West Branch. If you want to throw dries at finicky feeding fish in crystal clear water, try the Beaverkill.  The next cold day might have pseudos on the water as thick as maggots on a road kill!

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