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Really Heavy Skagit Heads

Posted on November 02 2012

Skagit Compact Heavy Heads
Big rods, big heads, big fish. Photo: Tom Larimer

If you followed our blog much this summer, you may remember that we ran a series of king salmon spey rod reviews based on our experience fishing during the early season at BC West.  If you missed that series, here’s the wrap up post.

We tend to follow spey tech pretty closely, but in the course of getting ready for that trip we made a discovery – Airflo recently started making their classic Skagit Compact heads in three larger sizes.  If you’ve got a rod that you want to fish in the Skagit style, but haven’t found a head that loads it up well, this post is for you.

In the past the Skagit Compact topped out at 720 grains, but today you can get yourself a Skagit Compact in a very meaty 750 grains, a super stout 780 grains, and an RPG-like 810 grains.  That’ll load ’em up.

They’re a little hard to find.  We’d recommend that you give a call to your local Airflo dealer and ask them to order one (or three) for you.  If that’s not an option you can also find them on Amazon – here are links for the 750, 780 and 810.

Bombs away!

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