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Reasons We Don't Bait Fish: #32

Posted on August 23 2008

It’s a known fact that if you are driving around in Mexican waters at 3:30 AM you are likely to end up stuck in a giant Korean tuna pen. So who’s surprised at what happened to these guys? Jon Walker tells a story filled with guns, money and high-seas drama as some U.S. anglers ponder their choices. “‘Right then, the Coast Guard helicopter swoops down between me and the boarding party,’ Nichols said. ‘He comes out on the loudspeaker and says, “You will stand down. You are not gonna board. This is an American vessel.” The hair on the back of our necks stood up.'” On
Meanwhile, sushi lovers may or may not be startled by this story in The New York Times, in which two teenage scientists have discovered that one-fourth of all sushi sold in New York is mislabeled. Maybe the fish in that Mexican pen were giant saltwater tilapia?

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