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Return to Nubian FlatsFrom our close friends down in Africa at...

Posted on December 16 2013

Return to Nubian Flats

From our close friends down in Africa at Tourette Fishing, a second shot during a different season at this emerging fishery off the coast of Sudan. If you consider yourself an adventuresome angler, get in line for this place.

After our initial trip in May 2013, where we found some world class flats fishing (including possibly the worlds best triggerfishing), we knew as soon as we stepped off the boat at the end of the week that we had to start planning the return trip.

The problem was we had returned from this initial trip with even more questions, one being what would the fishing be like at another time of year. From our research we found that there was a window of extremely settled weather in the season of October and November. Within a few weeks the dates were sorted and our plan was simply to use the last two weeks of November to explore a massive area in the south of the coast. An area that just seems to be bursting with potential.

As the date of departure grew closer we began to watch the weather reports like a hawk. Weeks of extremely calm weather looked promising. Unfortunately Murphy had other plans, and 3 days before departure the forecast for our time exploring the Nubian Flats began to change drastically.  

Read the rest of the report at Tourette Fishing.

original content Tourette Fishing
photo Rob Scott

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