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Revo Water Lens Review

Posted on September 13 2011

Revo Water Lens
Great fit, comfortable, made for bright days and open water.


A few months back we got our hands on a pair of glasses from Revo that incorporate their new Water Lens – a polarized lens made specifically for open water.  The model we’ve been fishing with is called the Guide.  We’ve fished enough days with them that we feel competent to write a review, so here goes!

We fished with them on cool cloudy days in Western Alaska, and on hot sunny days on Puget Sound.

Revo Guide Glasses
Perfect on days like this one.

What We Like

  • The Guide model is a full-coverage design, and fits great on people with bigger heads.  Your fearless editor has a giant dome that 75% of glasses don’t fit – this configuration fit great, didn’t let sunlight in around the edges, and never gave the dreaded Skull Squeeze.
  • They’re light.  The lenses are polycarbonate and the frames are super lightweight – we tended to forget we were wearing glasses.
  • They block a lot of sunshine.  On days with bright sun and/or lots of light reflected off the water, things looked great and we never got eye fatigue (i.e. the need to take off the glasses at 3 pm and rub your eyelids).
  • The leash system is pretty cool.  Read on…
Revo Guide Leash
Cool idea, well-executed. This guy needs a haircut, and sunscreen on his ears.

Removable Leash

In the ‘how come everybody doesn’t do this’ category comes the removable leash on the Guide model.  Your fearless editor never wears leashes on his glasses because the attachment point just behind the ears results in a headache every time.

These frames have a super low-profile leash attachment system – the leash that’s included just pops into a little hole in the frame.  It doesn’t stick out, it doesn’t squeeze your head, and we’ll claim once again that we forgot we had our glasses strapped to our face.


They fit big faces.  They’re really comfortable.  If you have to spot fish on grey days they’re not the best choice, but in sunny weather and on open water they’re just as advertised.  The detachable leash system is genius.

If you want a pair, you can pick one up right here.

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