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Revolution in Spinning Reels?

Posted on February 27 2008

Those who disdain spin casting can stop reading now. But for those of us who are at least obligated to keep spinning gear on hand — in my case it’s to keep my kids fishing — it’s worth mentioning a new design in spinning reels that has the non-fly-fishing world, well, spinning. The new reel, which retails for around $80, is being sold under the Doug Hannon/The Bass Professor trademark as the “WaveSpin,” and claims 30% more casting distance as well as resistance to bird nests and other tangles. Outdoor Life‘s Jerry Gibbs, in their December/January issue, called the “WaveSpin…the first significant improvement in spinning reel design in more than 50 years…it’s virtually impossible for the line to bird’s nest during a cast.” We shall see. We shall also see whether the reel holds up to saltwater and a hot tarpon on the other end of the line. For more info on the WaveSpin, you can visit the product Web site.
Meanwhile Ed Dentry offers his comments on the reel in today’s Rocky Mountain News. “Actually, “perfect spinning reel” (my term) would be an oxymoron. Last week, some ice anglers at Granby were ruminating on the contraption that looks and behaves as if it had been designed by a committee at the Tower of Babel. The icy verdict: Spinning reels exist to sell fishing line. They regularly loop and tangle, causing children to cry and saints to blaspheme.”

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