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Rinse Off Your Flats Boots

Posted on February 06 2016

Rinse off your wading boots.
Do yourself a favor.. Photo: Kyle Shea.

Even if designed particularly for the salt, saltwater can be brutal on fishing gear. Rods, reels, fly lines, flies, sunglasses, and the like can all break down from the salt if not rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after use.

That’s why our staff makes sure to rinse our guests rods and reels each evening with fresh water, to help remove as much salt as possible from the day’s fishing.

However, while we recommend rinsing off any gear (including flies) that gets wet while fishing in the salt, one piece of gear that is often neglected is, you got it, wading boots!

In our neck of the woods, wading boots tend to spend a lot of time in the water (trust us, that’s not a complaint). Over time, even high end boots can break down from the effects of salt. Therefore, we suggest rinsing them off after each use.

For fisheries like ours, quality flats boots are really important, but they also aren’t cheap! So, do yourself a favor and keep ’em in the game longer by rinsing them off each day with fresh water.

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