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Rio Introduces New Dry Fly Shake and Tungsten Putty

Posted on March 02 2007

RIO Products just announced two new products for fly fishers, AgentX Dry Fly Shake and Tungsten Putty. RIO’s new fly-drying desiccant powder comes in a unique bottle that features a foam ring that allows anglers to use their thumbs to close the container before shaking, preventing leader damage. RIO claims their new Tungsten Putty is the heaviest on the market, at 80% tungsten.
Read the extended entry for more details.

For Immediate Release
Contacts: Simon Gawesworth
Zack Dalton
RIO Products Intl., Inc. introduces two new fly fishing accessories
IDAHO FALLS, March 2007 – RIO Products is pleased to announce the launch of two exciting new fly
fishing accessories – RIO’s AgentX® Dry Fly Shake and RIO’s Tungsten Putty.
RIO’s new AgentX Dry Fly Shake is specially formulated to instantly dry the wettest of
flies. The shake consists of a desiccant powder that sucks the moisture out of the fly and a combination
of silicone powders to provide flotation, leaving the fly totally dry and high riding. It is the perfect
alternative when you do not want to apply a traditional floatant, such as to flies tied with CDC.
To use the AgentX Dry Fly Shake, just dip a soggy fly into the powder, place a thumb over
the foam ring and shake dry. The powders inside will suck out all the moisture with half a dozen
shakes. The Dry Fly Shake comes in a 0.5 oz bottle that contains enough powder to dry several
hundred flies. The top of the bottle features an ingenious foam ring that allows users to simply put their
thumb on top when drying the fly, and not have to close the lid, crimping and weakening the leader.
RIO’s new Tungsten Putty is 80% Tungsten and is the heaviest sinking putty on the market.
It is a very dense, fast sinking putty designed to be squeezed on to the leader for extra depth. Unlike
split shot, which can crimp a leader and therefore weaken it, the Tungsten Putty is a soft, malleable
dough packed with tungsten powder that easily rolls on to the leader.
Simply pinch off the required amount of Tungsten Putty and roll tightly into a torpedo shape
around the leader in the desired position. When dipped into coldwater, the tungsten putty hardens and
will remain on the leader during when casting.
The AgentX dry fly shake has a recommended retail price of $9.95, while the Tungsten Putty
retails for $12.95. Both products are available from authorized RIO dealers.
For a complete list of lines, leaders and tippets, visit the RIO website:

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