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RIO Introduces RIOMAX II Long Distance Shooting Head

Posted on March 10 2008

RIO engineers are tweaking shooting head designs for greater “flight time.” Their new RIOMAX II heads have a progressively lighter back section that stays in the air longer, as well as a “front-loaded” forward taper designed to prevent dumping.
For more information, read the full press release in the extended entry.

NEW RIOMAX® II – The Ultimate Long Distance Shooting Head
March 1, 2008. Idaho Falls, ID. RIO Products announces their new RIOMax II Shooting Heads, to conquer long distance casting with the power of a unique taper design.
RIO’s new RIO Max II shooting heads are designed to give the ultimate in long distance casts. Traditional shooting head designs feature a thick back section that drops down in flight, reducing the flight time of the cast. The RIO Max II shooting head features a unique taper design with a progressively lighter back section that stays in the air longer, translating into greater distances.
In addition, the front-loaded taper design stabilizes the head in the air and prevents the characteristic “dumping” at the end of the cast (typical of traditional shooting heads.) The increase in weight at the front not only makes it possible to load the rod from the very first cast, but also makes it easy to cast big flies, or cope with unfriendly winds.
Each shooting head is manufactured to fit within the current AFTMA standard and RIO recommends that casters step up two lines sizes for a given rod size to compensate for the shorter head length. For technical fishers, the shooting heads are labeled in grain weight, as well as AFTMA standards.
RIOMax II shooting heads are 30 ft long (9.1 m) and come in a range of sizes, between ST6 and ST12 and in six different densities:
1. Floating
2. Intermediate
3. Type 2 Density Compensated, Full Sink
4. Type 3 Density Compensated, Full Sink
5. Type 6 Density Compensated, Full Sink
6. Type 8 Density Compensated, Full Sink
Each head features RIO’s bullet proof, slim welded loops at the rear end. The loop is color and bar coded to identify the size and density.
Whether one is fly fishing for saltwater, anadromous species or trout, the RIOMax II shooting heads will improve distance casting considerably. RIO recommends attaching the head to a Powerflex Core shooting line for optimal performance.
For a complete list of lines, leaders and tippets, visit the RIO website:
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