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RIO Makes New Long-Belly Spey Line

Posted on January 16 2008

RIO‘s new PowerSpey line, with a 57- to 71-foot belly, depending on line size, is available in 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/0 and 10/11 and in two different models: a full floating version and a Versitip version with 3 sinking tips.
Read the full press release in the extended entry.

RIO Products introduces a brand new Spey line – The PowerSpey™.
IDAHO FALLS, January 1st, 2008 – RIO Products proudly announces the introduction of a new spey
line, designed for the ultimate in controlled, long line performance.
The new PowerSpey is designed for those casters that prefer a long belly spey line. The
unique taper design makes the PowerSpey an incredibly easy line to cast with – at any length – and
traditional anglers will love the longer head for precise fly control and efficient casting.
The head length of the PowerSpey varies between 57 feet and 71 feet, depending on the line
size, and has a front taper designed for great presentation, while still carrying enough power to
turnover large flies.
The PowerSpey is available in six different sizes; 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/0 and 10/11 and in two
different models:
1) The full floating version features a welded loop on the front end for quick rigging. The loop is
also ideal for adding one of RIO’s Spey VersiLeaders – converting the line into an
instantaneous sink tip.
2) The VersiTip® version come complete with a body section, a 15 ft floating tip, a 15 ft clear
intermediate tip (sinks at 1-2 inches per second), a 15 ft Type 3, Density Compensated tip
(sinks at 3-4 inches per second), a 15 ft Type 6, Density Compensated tip (sinks at 5-6 inches
per second) and a 15 ft Type 8, Density Compensated tip (sinks at 7-8 inches per second) –
only available in 7/8 sizes and larger.
The new PowerSpey lines are available from all authorized RIO dealers and have a
recommended retail price of $79.95 for the full floating line and $149.95 for the VersiTip version.
For more details or information contact: Simon Gawesworth, or Zack Dalton, at RIO Products Intl., Inc.

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