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Rio Tropical Clouser – Sage and Rio Drawing

Posted on June 19 2010

To view in person, get it there fast.  Photo: Louis Cahill
To view in person, get it there fast. Photo: Louis Cahill

OK, this is your last warning.

One week from today, we’re doing a drawing from the list of folks who are signed up for our weekly newsletter.  The lucky angler whose name we draw is going to get sent, at no charge – not even postage,  a $1375 super-high-end bonefishing setup – a Sage 890-4 Xi3, a Sage 6080 reel, and a Rio Tropical Clouser in an 8 weight.

If you’re not signed up yet, click here to read and learn.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve told you a little bit about why we think the Xi3 and the 6080 are great choices for bonefish on South Andros.  Today, a little reminder on why we fish the Rio Tropical Clouser a lot down there.

Our Fishery

  • Our bonefish get big, and big fish like big flies.
  • They’re not very spooky, and they often eat close to the boat.
  • Our guides are good, so most of the time you’re set up with the fishing swimming right at you.

Why the Tropical Clouser

  • It’s got a short front taper that turns over big flies easily.
  • Its head is short and heavy, which helps load your rod at close range.

Not very common on South Andros: “Bonefish, 11 o’clock, 80 feet, land it softly, mon!”

Very common on South Andros: “Bonefish, 11 o’clock, 30 feet, coming at you – land it now!”

That’s why we like the Rio Tropical Clouser.

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