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Rise Form Fly Goods’ All-Purpose Slack Leader

Posted on December 30 2010

The All-Purpose Slack Leader from Rise Form Fly Goods is designed to work for both surface and sub-surface presentations. Each leader is hand-tied to 10-feet 4x and is easily modified with blood knots and monofilament tippet to handle almost any fly size, from 10 to 30.

The slack leader was designed to collapse, or pile, the last third of the leader for dry fly presentations. This allows you to get a longer drag free drift with a dry fly. (If a cast lays the line, leader, and fly straight out without any slack, the current tends to create drag.)

This leader is also excellent for tight line and indicator nymphing. The supple qualities of the tippet section are ideal for tuck casts and sending the fly straight to the bottom. The integrated yellow section also acts as a depth-finder or indicator when tight-line nymphing. These leaders are all hand-tied and individually tested in the U.S.

Available now for $6 on the Rise Form Fly Goods Web site.

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