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Rite Introduces Half Hitch MAG Bobbin

Posted on October 12 2010

Half Hitch MAG

The new “Half  Hitch” MAG Bobbin from Rite has several innovative features not yet seen on other bobbins. The O-ring grip doubly acts as a thread-keeper and color code for thread identification. The surgical stainless steel barrel has a slight taper which allows the tier to make a half hitch or whip finish right on the bobbin barrel and easily slip it onto the fly hook — a feature that’s great for tying parachutes and that virtually eliminates the need for a half hitch or whip finish tool.  This bobbin, similar to other Rite bobbins, also allows the tier to apply anywhere from two to sixteen ounces of thread tension.  MSRP $29.99.

You can purchase Rite Bobbins from your local dealer or directly from the Rite Bobbin Web site.

Watch the video below for a full demonstration on the new Half Hitch MAG Bobbin.

Rite Bobbin from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

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