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Rod Gloves – Great for Flats Skiffs

Posted on March 08 2016

Rod gloves for fly rods.
Protect your rod, use a rod glove. Photo: Kyle Shea.

A while back we told you about Rod Gloves – woven plastic sheaths designed to protect fully rigged rods. Although originally designed for conventional rods, they work great on fly rods too. We’ve seen them in action in our boats at Alaska West in the past, but had yet to try them in our flats skiffs in the Bahamas – Until now!

In fact, recently we were joined by long time Deneki guests, Doug Jett and Mike Williams, here at Andros South. They brought a few Rod Gloves for their own rods (as recommended from our little blog we might add), and wouldn’t you know, they worked really well!

The tapered tip of the glove actually made guiding each rod into the rod housing on our boats extremely simple, and helped hold the rod more securely to keep the rod from rattling around as well. Plus, when it came time to fish, the rod was able to slide out of the glove easily, while the glove simply remained nested into the rod housing.

We really like how well the Rod Gloves worked in our skiffs and think you should give them a try!

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