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Rod Gloves – Why We Like Them

Posted on January 09 2016

Rod Gloves for Fly Rods.
Bryan Whiting, Rod Glove enthusiast. Photo: Kathy Whiting.

Years ago, our good friend and long time Alaska West guest, Bryan Whiting, first introduced us to a pretty interesting product called Rod Gloves.

Originally designed for spinning rods, Rod Gloves are woven plastics sheaths made to slide over fully rigged rods to keep them from tangling. The concept is painfully simple, but like most great products, the beauty lies in its’ simplicity.

Rod Gloves have been around for a while, but Bryan was the first person we’ve known clever enough to use them on fly rods. We’ll admit we thought they looked kind of funky at first, but they work really slick, particularly when hopping in and out of jet boats. After seeing them in action we decided we really like them.. And today we’re going to tell you why.

Rod Gloves – Why We Like Them

  1. No Hanging up in Trees. With the Rod Glove on, no longer do you have to worry about your leader or fly line hanging up in the branches as you bushwhack your way to the river, allowing you to keep your rod rigged all day long with risking your tip section.
  2. Protects Your Rod From the Boat. If you store your rods in an open rod rack in the boat, like we do at Alaska West, a Rod Glove is a great way to protect your rod from ticking against the side of the boat.
  3. No Tangled Rods. Encased in Rod Gloves, there’s no longer the need to unravel the mess of several married rods that have tangled themselves during the morning boat ride. That means more fishing time, and that’s a really good thing.
  4. A Constant Reminder of Where Not to Step. Rod Gloves are available in a whole bunch of colors. We recommend a really bright one as they serve as a great reminder of where not to step! We’re really passionate about this one, because trust us, we’ve seen a lot of rods stepped on in the boat.

At only $7.99, we think Rod Gloves are a great way to protect your rods throughout the day. In the photo above, Bryan is using a 5.5 foot model which works great to cover the top half of the fly rod (really all you need anyhow). However, they even make a longer model at 7 feet to better accommodate fly rods. For more information about Rod Gloves, check them out on their website, here!

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