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Roll Down Your Wading Socks

Posted on March 25 2017

Keeping sand out of wading boots.
Sand and snag free. Photo: Jason Whiting.

Today we’re coming at you with a super simple, yet super helpful tip, often learned the hard way by many of our anglers at Andros South, particularly those wading for bonefish for the first time.

On South Andros, we’re lucky to have a lot of opportunities to pursue bonefish on foot. However, the typical bottom structure of the flats we fish range anywhere from flat, non-characteristic, sandy bottoms to hard, uneven, limestone/coral bottoms, and everything in between. That’s why we always recommend our guests wear good, hard-soled, ankle supporting wading boots on our flats.

With that said, unlike your classic neoprene style ‘booties,’ most hard-soled flats boots available today require some sort of wading sock underneath to keep sand between your skin and the boot from rubbing your foot raw. Trust us on this one, we’ve seen plenty of anglers after a full day of wading without socks, and it ain’t pretty.

While there are plenty of socks out there made specifically for wet wading (we like the Simms Wet Wading Sock), most any cotton, lightweight wool, polypropylene, or neoprene sock will do. However, we prefer to wear socks long enough to roll back over the top of the wading boots, while still remaining high on the ankle. Not only does it virtually eliminate sand from getting in your boots, it also helps to cover laces hooks or other catch-alls known to snag fly line while wading. Plus, it helps keep your laces from becoming untied over the course of the day too.. Give it a try!

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