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Rub Your Fly in the Sand

Posted on June 24 2011

Rub Fly in Sand
The last step. Photo: Louis Cahill

So you’re out on some beautiful bonefish flat.  You’ve thrown on a new leader designed perfectly for the flats.  You’ve picked a fabulous bonefish fly.  You’ve tied it on with a non-slip mono loop.  You’re not done yet!

Reach down onto the flat, grab a little handful of sand from the bottom, and rub your fly around in it.  Bonefish have a very sensitive sense of smell, and this simple little step will help take off any leftover smell of sunscreen/head cement/this morning’s bacon.

We’ve even heard the theory that different flats smell different to bonefish, and this may make your fly smell more like it’s ‘home’.   How true that is we’ll never know, but we do know that rubbing your fly in some sand is easy, takes about 5 seconds, and might help…so why not?

Hey, want a whole bunch more tips on bonefishing?  You should download our free Bonefishing 101 Guide, if you haven’t already!

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