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Sage 5126-4 Z-Axis

Posted on July 17 2009

This is a really good little spey rod.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty fired up these days about fishing lightweight spey rods for trout and smaller steelhead. In our minds, if a fish likes a swung fly, it’s a lot more enjoyable to give it to ’em with a two handed rod.

The Sage 5126-4 Z-Axis is a versatile, moderate-to-fast action, powerful-for-its-size lightweight spey rod that does an excellent job throwing flies at trout – particularly bigger trout. For everything from mouse patterns on floating lines to giant sculpin imitations on moderate sinktips, the 5126-4 is our go-to stick when swinging flies for trout.


We like the 5126-4 with a Skagit-style line in the neighborhood of 400 grains, and a tip of about 75 grains. It’ll throw 8 feet of Rio T-8 like a dream. T-11 tips are pushing it, and T-14 is a no go – this little guy is set up for more moderate grain weights.


There are lots of quality reels out there these days that will do the trick on the 5126. One of our favorites is the Sage 6080 (the replacement for the venerable 3400D).


Conventional wisdom used to be that lightweight spey rods are really only suited towards small, light flies. The beauty of this rod is that it’ll huck a big fly across the river. Giant heavy sculpins and leeches are in play, as are big floating mammal imitations like deer hair mice.

Lightweight, versatile and lot of fun to cast, the 5126-4 just might change your mind about giving lightweight spey rods a try.

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