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Sage 6000 Series Reels – 3 Things to Like

Posted on May 20 2009

A not-broken thing that didn’t get fixed.

We’ve been big fans of the last-generation Sage 3000 series reels for years. Our loaner gear gets worked really hard, and in particular we’ve always said that “South Andros is where reels go to die”. At Andros South, our old 3000 series reels have held up incredibly well. Through hundreds of angler days, constant exposure to saltwater and salty air, and a maintenance program that could be described as ‘moderate’, we’ve literally never had a problem with our 3000 series reels. That’s saying a lot. Really – reels break here.

This year Sage released their replacement for the 3000 Series – they’re now called the 6000 Series. To be honest, we were really worried that they were messing with a good thing. After a season of use with the 6080– the reel in the series best suited for bonefishing, we can report real good things. Sage has managed to make a few improvements to the reels, but most importantly, they didn’t fix what wasn’t broken.

Here are 3 things to like about the 6000 series.

  1. They didn’t change the bombproof drag. They’ve maintained the drag from the 3000 series. It’s smooth, it’s strong, and we haven’t been able to break one yet. Simple as that.
  2. They’re really light. Saltwater rods are getting lighter and lighter, and a heavy reel can really screw up the balance of these rods. These reels balance well with light saltwater rods, and a week of fishing on the flats is one situation where we think light is good.
  3. It’s easy to change the retrieve. One improvement made in the 6000 series is the easy ability to swap the retrieve, without tools. Unscrew the drag housing, pop out the clutch bearing, flip it around, put it back in, screw the drag housing back on. Easy-breezy!
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