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Sage 7126-4 TCX – The Death Star

Posted on November 26 2009

The Death Star is at home here.
Photo: David Lambroughton

As use of Skagit-style spey lines continues to grow and become more refined, rod manufacturers are pushing the envelope on some of the basic variables of rod design. One of the biggest trends is that towards shorter rods that are still plenty powerful.

Earlier this year Sage introduced a new rod into their TCX lineup that really typifies this movement – the 7126-4 TCX. As you probably know, the 7 means it’s a 7 weight, the 126 means it’s 12 feet, 6 inches long, the -4 means it’s a 4-piece rod, and the TCX means it’s really, really fast.

We had the opportunity to fish the rod in prototype form at BC West this past August for the better part of a week. The butt section on this thing is incredibly powerful – matched to a Skagit-style line in the 525 to 575 grain range, it’s perfectly capable of launching a T-14 tip and a big fly to the far side of the broad runs on the Lower Dean. It’s light so fatigue isn’t a problem, and its short length is particularly well-suited for those of us with relatively compact casting strokes.

Yes, in prototype form this rod quickly became known as the Death Star due to its ability to calmly deliver blasts to the far side of the galaxy. So who wouldn’t like the Death Star? Well, most anglers would agree that the 7126-4 has more power than it has feel. If you really like to feel a deep bend in your rod or if you just like a slower action, this is definitely not the rod for you.

On the other hand, if you like short, fast, powerful rods, the Sage 7126-4 TCX is a game-changer that you need to get your hands on.

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