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SALT BUM - Charcuterie 101 - Creating a Positive Happy Hour Vibe

Posted on March 27 2020

In this time of "social distancing" there are a lot of us looking for ways to keep the day to day interesting and not just give way to being sucked into our devices.  Larry and Shannon Littrel have been way ahead of this curve and there's always been a steady flow of charcuterie plates that pop up on the Salt Bum Instagram story at least a few times a week for as long as I can remember.

And just so we're all clear here, Charcuterie Plate = Conversation. 

Try it.  Consider this is a device free hour and just talk.

The Littrel's made a step by step video on the thought process and construction of a stellar charcuterie plate that is worth a watch.  Take notes.

Check out the Salt Bum website, follow Ol' Larry on Instagram and give the Tailer Trash podcast a listen to if you haven't.

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