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Sasquatch and UnicornsSometimes you are lucky but luck is a funny...

Posted on February 14 2014

Sasquatch and Unicorns

Sometimes you are lucky but luck is a funny thing. Most associate it with good fortune. And then there are the few who realize it can work against you. Here, a good friend, Alex Collier, recounts his “luck” in pursuit of his first steelhead in the PNW.

“At this point you’re probably saying to yourself, “I wonder if this guy has ever considered that he’s doing something horribly wrong?”  My answer to that question would be, “YES!  I wonder that every flippin’ time I go out!”  At the end of every fruitless outing I replay the day in my head:  should I have fished that run differently…with a different fly…with a different sink tip…standing on one leg…singing a different song in my head…with my socks inside out?  Every day I attempt to try something different, or implement a new technique I see experienced steelheaders employ, and every day I’m left chasing my own tail.”

Read the full story on his blog Three Weight.

photo Alex Collier

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